...these guys can really play!  
(Press Release for Snellville Days, Atlanta Journal Constitution &
Gwinnett Post)

....Olde Dawg was the only band asked to play for the

25th Dukes of Hazard Reunion

(Covington News- Herald)

....plenty of production (lighting & sound)...some good time barkin"  

(Gainesville Times)

....some of the finest Southern Rock in America

(Pennington Seed Spring Nationals - All Harley Drags)

....superb vocals, the likes of which I haven't heard from any local
band in a long time and  upbeat, feel good material from some
folks who really know how to play

(Editors Choice Award - The Pub Page)
and just the way we like it
.....Southern Style
(The Brightside    Kennesaw, Ga.)